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Do Not Look at the Man Behind the Curtain

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English: The Wicked Witch of The West, melting...

The Melting of the Wicked Witch of the West

We now rejoin our travelers in dire situations. The winged monkeys have tossed both the Scarecrow and the Tin Man aside, the Wicked Witch has captured the lion in order to make him into a slave, and lastly, Dorothy has just melted the Wicked Witch of the West. Dorothy is surprised that the Winkies, as the witch’s previous slaves, are willing to help her.

The Rescue-

Dorothy is determined to rescue her friends after melting the Wicked Witch of the West. First, Dorothy discovers the caged Cowardly Lion. He is very ecstatic that she sets him free. Then, Dorothy enlists the help of the Winkies, who are very grateful to her for melting the Witch. They set out to find the whereabouts of the Scarecrow and Tin Man.

The Tin Man is found badly dented and in bad need of repair. The Winkies hammer and twist him back into shape. He is very grateful. Then, they locate the Scarecrows clothing high up in a tree. The Winkies stuff the scarecrows clothes and repaint his face. He is good as new now. The travelers are now back together again for their return trip to Oz.

The next morning, Dorothy and her friends leave for their return trip to Oz. The Winkies surprise her with the witch’s Magic Golden Cap. She had used to summon the Winged Monkeys. She does not know yet the true meaning of this Golden Cap. Dorothy puts this on her head, instead of her sunbonnet, for her return trip to Oz.

The Winged Monkeys

The next morning, Dorothy and friends, leave for the Emerald City. The journey is long and tiresome because there is really was no road mapped out for them to travel. The group walks farther and farther on, only realizing that they are walking in the wrong direction and are lost.

Again, they meet the Queen of the Field Mice and explain to her their predicament. She suggests that because Dorothy wears the magic Golden Cap, she can summon the Winged Monkeys so they can fly her and her friends to Oz.

Summoning the monkeys, their leader agrees to fly her and her friends to Oz. He explains to Dorothy that the cap is a charm whose power passes down to whoever wears it. As the cap is now is Dorothy’s possession, she can use it to make three wishes.  Dorothy uses her first wish to have the monkeys fly her and her friends to the gates of the Emerald City. She has two wishes left.

Wizard of Oz Man Behind the Curtain

Wizard of Oz
Man Behind the Curtain

Discovery of Oz the Terrible

The travelers arrive back at the gates to the Emerald City to see Oz, expecting to receive the gifts to the promises he made. Nevertheless, once announced to Oz, he mysteriously keeps them waiting. After many days waiting, they have still not seen Oz. It was only for the threat that they would call the winged monkeys Oz finally agrees.

On the day he agreed to meet them, our group finds Oz nowhere in the room. They just hear a voice coming from throne in the room. They do not see the large head on the throne, the lovely woman, the monstrous beast, or the ball of fire. The voice just asks them why he should help them.

The Lion startles Toto with a large roar at Oz. Toto runs around the room and knocks down a large curtain on a stand. Behind it is a little man with glasses. He tells them that he is Oz. They realize it was all a lie. Oz was only a simple man, a circus magician carried to Oz in a large balloon. He was a “humbug.”

Oz showed them how he fooled them before. Everything he had created was all just tricks. He had been fooling the people of the Emerald City for years. They thought he was some great Wizard. He really was terrified of the Wicked Witches of the land. He had used Dorothy and her friends to try to kill the Wicked Witch, as her house inadvertently had killed the other one.

He told them he is not sure how he could do it but he was going to try to keep his promises to them. He told them he needed to think on it, and asked them to come by the next day. However, he pleaded with them to keep his secret.

For Oz was just a façade, a false front. Have you ever met someone who on the surface appears one way, but when getting to know him or her, you realize who he or she really is. Their greatest fear is for you to pull back the curtain.

Up next:  The Magic Art of the Great Humbug, How the Balloon was Launched, Away To The South


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